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Transforming Your Brand with Artistic Vision

Ready to unlock the power of artistic vision or Web3 technology to take your brand or project to the next level? Contact Swopes today to learn more about partnering with for content creation, public speaking, consulting, and Web3 agency work.

Placing Your Success above All Else

Partnering with Swopes means gaining access to an expert focused on empowering your creative vision. She works with you to understand your goals, define a comprehensive strategy, and implement solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Bonds of Trust.

Values transparency, honesty, and open communication. By prioritizing these key principles, she builds strong, long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Big Ideas Turned Into Bold Moves.

Swopes is not satisfied with the status quo - She challenges it. By taking bold risks and thinking outside the box, she's able to create impactful solutions that truly make a difference.

Productive Working Relationships.

Understands that collaboration and partnership are essential to drive mutual success. She works closely with clients to build enduring relationships that are productive and supportive.

Tangible Impact.

Focuses on delivering tangible results that exceed expectations and drive real growth. She doesn't just talk about success; she makes it happen by delivering actual outcomes and measurable results.


Elise began her journey to recognition and acclaim, proving that with talent and determination, anything is possible.
In 2011, Elise Swopes (eh - L EE S Sw - O - pes ‚Äč) joined Instagram, never imagining her power to inspire and generate a global brand. Since then, the self-taught artist transformed into a full-fledged career professional. She created NFTs with RollingStone and partnered with technology companies like Apple. In New York, she developed her artistry, taking drone photos of the city and turning them into something from another world. Her signature giraffe brings whimsy to unexpected settings. She puts her entrepreneurial skills to use, co-founding Night On The Yard, a marketplace dedicated to ending the hidden impact of incarceration and her web3 impact agency, Sunrise Art Club. Through free tutorials and one-on-one mentoring, she supports and inspires young artists and entrepreneurs. As an advocate for mental health, she's shared her story through various platforms.
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