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Common Questions

What services does Swopes provide?

Swopes offers content creation for social media, public speaking services, personal brand consulting, and Web3 strategy development to elevate your online presence.

What makes Swopes different from other creatives?

Swopes stands out due to her artistic approach to content creation, including photography, graphic design, and videography.

She offers public speaking services with a focus on storytelling and curriculum development.

Swopes also provides personalized consulting for developing personal brand strategies, creative direction, and social media tactics.

Finally, as a founder of a Web3 agency, her team offers education, implementation services, and event production centered around Web3 technology.

How do you measure succesS?

Success for Swopes could be measured in various ways. For content creation, it's about increased engagement and brand recognition.

Public speaking success is gauged by audience engagement and post-event changes.

Consulting success shows in improved online presence and digital engagement.

Meanwhile, in Web3 services, success is seen in effective strategy implementation and increased client understanding of Web3 technology.

Specific metrics can vary based on individual goals.

What values does Swopes prioritize?

Swopes prioritizes creativity, emphasizing innovation in visual content creation.

There's also a strong focus on education and knowledge sharing, demonstrated through public speaking and consulting services.

Being progressive is another critical value, seen in the focus on cutting-edge Web3 technology

Lastly, Swopes values client success, offering services designed to help clients meet their objectives.

How does Swopes ensure clients receive tangible results?

Swopes ensures clients receive tangible results by leveraging an artistic approach to content creation, including photography, graphic design, and videography. She creates unique and engaging visuals that reflect the client's brand identity and stand out from the competition.

She also engages audiences with informative and memorable presentations through public speaking and storytelling. She also develops practical curriculums and customized workshops to educate clients and their audiences.

In her consulting work, Swopes aids clients in developing a comprehensive strategy for personal branding, creative direction, and social strategy. This includes improving clients' social media presence, SEO ranking, and content production framework.

Lastly, as part of her Web3 agency, Sunrise Art Club, her team offers education on the latest Web3 trends, implements cutting-edge solutions, and produces unforgettable events, all tailored to clients' unique needs and objectives.

May i know some personal info about swopes?

Elise Swopes is from Chicago, Illinois, but currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and can travel.

Elise is currently engaged with no children. She has three cats. She is 34 years old, and her pronouns are She/Her. Her ethnicity is Black and White. She is heterosexual, though a solid ally to LGBTQIA+. Elise is a Sagittarius Sun, Virgo Moon, and Cancer Rising.