Elise Swopes is thrilled to announce her partnership with @apothicwine. Known for her love of red wine, she's looking forward to many cozy evenings with a glass of Apothic's Red Blend. Join her as she embarks on this exciting journey, filled with memorable moments, new releases, and unique explorations.
Apothic Wine

As a red wine enthusiast, Swopes wanted to share her passion with her followers. However, expressing the multi-sensory experience of savoring a good wine through digital media presented a unique challenge. She needed to capture not just the flavor, but also the ambiance and emotion that comes with each sip.


Swopes aimed to leverage her digital art skills to portray the rich experience of enjoying @apothicwine. Through her partnership, she hoped to share the joy of cozy evenings spent with a glass of Red Blend, anticipating new releases, and exploring unique flavors, all while engaging her followers in this journey.


Story Highlight

Embracing the challenge of translating the wine experience into digital media, Elise Swopes successfully brought the @apothicwine journey to life. Through her creative content, she managed to encapsulate the essence of enjoying a glass of Red Blend, generating anticipation for new releases, and sparking curiosity among her followers. This partnership resulted in a year full of memorable moments, amazing new releases, and unique explorations.

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