In 2014, an exciting collaboration took place at Art Basel Miami. Swopes was thrilled to partner with Absolut Vodka, one of the world's leading vodka brands. The aim was to capture both the essence of the vodka and the vibrant energy of Miami in a unique artistic representation.

The artist faced the challenge of capturing the dual essence of Absolut Vodka and Miami's lively atmosphere. It required a delicate balance to portray the distinct character of the vodka while also encapsulating the brightness and fun of Miami, especially within the dynamic environment of Art Basel.


The artist aimed to create a unique piece of art that would encapsulate the spirit of Absolut Vodka and Miami's vibrant culture. The goal was not only to depict these two elements distinctly but also to merge them into a harmonious composition that would resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression.


Elise successfully captured the essence of Absolut Vodka and the vibrancy of Miami in a unique artistic expression. The artwork resonated with viewers, effectively portraying the spirit of the vodka and the city's bright energy. This collaboration marked a significant achievement in the artist's career and added a distinctive touch to Art Basel Miami 2014.

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