Bud Light

During her exhilarating summer escapades with Bud Light and friends, Elise Swopes sought to share the thrill and creativity with her followers. Announcing the #SwopesLolla challenge, she offered fans a chance to win a 4-day Lollapalooza GA pass, encouraging them to capture Polaroid moments and share their unique perspectives on Instagram.
Bud Light

Spreading the Excitement of Summertime Chi

The challenge for Swopes was to translate the exhilaration of her summer adventures into a community-wide event. She aimed to create an engaging challenge that would inspire creativity among her followers while celebrating the vibrant atmosphere of Summertime Chi.


Empowering Community Creativity with the #SwopesLolla Challenge

Swopes' goal was to empower her community to express themselves through photography and embrace the spirit of creativity. By launching the #SwopesLolla challenge, she hoped to celebrate the joyous summer atmosphere while giving fans an opportunity to win a coveted 4-day Lollapalooza GA pass.


Celebrating Summer with Creativity and Community

The #SwopesLolla challenge was a resounding success. Participants showcased their unique perspectives and embraced the spirit of creativity, capturing the essence of Summertime Chi in their photos. The limited edition Chicago Bud Light bottles designed by @bbreaux became a symbol of summer celebrations, and Swopes' community came together to celebrate and share their exciting summer moments.

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