Chicago Bulls

Elise Swopes, a renowned digital artist and influencer, is thrilled to announce her NFT collaboration with the iconic @chicagobulls. Drawing on her personal memories of watching games in the '90s, she has created "High Fives, High Hopes", an ode to the nostalgic feeling of enjoying basketball games as a child.
September 2022

Collaborating with an Iconic Global Brand

Swopes aimed to create an NFT that not only paid homage to the @chicagobulls but also unlocked a shared memory for basketball fans. Using Illustrator, the first program she learned as a child, she sought to recreate the feeling of attending or watching games at home during the '90s.


To Create Impactful Collaboration with @chicagobulls

Swopes' objective was clear: to create a meaningful and impactful collaboration with @chicagobulls. She aimed to produce work that would not only resonate with the brand and its global audience but also mark a significant milestone in her own creative journey.


Swopes Joins Forces with @chicagobulls

Elise Swopes successfully transformed her nostalgic memories into a unique NFT, "High Fives, High Hopes". Her collaboration with the @chicagobulls allowed her to reimagine their legendary logo and contribute to a great cause, @afterschoolmatters. The result is a piece of digital art that not only honors the iconic basketball team but also evokes shared memories for fans worldwide.

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