Chicago Surfrider

Swopes set out on a unique mission to capture and showcase the vibrant surf culture in Chicago. Through her '90s surfer wave-inspired illustration, she aimed to bring the thrill of surfing to the Windy City. Her ultimate goal was to foster community connections and celebrate the unique experiences of Chicago's surfers.
Chicago Surfrider

Capturing the Thrill of Surfing in the Windy City

The challenge for Swopes was to accurately depict and celebrate Chicago's thriving surf culture through their artwork. This required capturing the essence of the '90s surfer wave in an illustration and inspiring excitement about surfing in an unlikely place - the Windy City. She also aimed to support the local surf culture and community, encouraging people to join beach cleanup events and contribute to @chicago_surfrider's cause.


Fostering Connections and Celebrating Chicago's Surf Culture

Swopes' goal was to use their illustration to forge connections within the community and celebrate Chicago's unique surf culture. She aimed to inspire locals and visitors alike with the thrill of catching a wave in Chicago. Additionally, she sought to support the local surf culture by encouraging people to participate in beach cleanup events and donate to @chicago_surfrider.


Successful Celebration and Support of Chicago's Surf Culture

Swopes' mission resulted in a successful celebration of Chicago's surf culture, highlighted by their '90s surfer wave-inspired illustration. Her artwork resonated with the community, inspiring many to connect with and appreciate the local surf scene. The beach cleanup event on July 15 at Montrose Beach saw enthusiastic participation, with attendees taking home Swopes' t-shirts as mementos. Furthermore, donations through the link in her bio provided valuable support to @chicago_surfrider, underlining the positive impact of Swopes' initiative on the local surf culture and community.

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