Elise Swopes, a renowned digital artist, influencer, and passionate coffee lover, is thrilled to partner with the iconic brand @dunkin. She has been keeping warm with their new Handcrafted Espresso drinks amidst the chilly Chicago weather. Join her as she savors these delightful beverages and encourages others to do the same.

As a busy influencer and digital artist, Swopes faced the challenge of staying warm and energized during the chilly Chicago winter. With her packed schedule, she needed a quick, tasty, and warming solution that could help her navigate through her busy days.


Swopes aimed to incorporate @dunkin's new Handcrafted Espresso drinks into her daily routine as a delicious way to keep warm and energized. Through her partnership with @dunkin, she also hoped to promote these beverages to her followers, encouraging them to try out the drinks for themselves.


Despite the cold Chicago winter, Elise Swopes successfully stayed warm and energetic with the help of @dunkin's new Handcrafted Espresso drinks. Her partnership with @dunkin not only allowed her to enjoy these delightful beverages but also enabled her to share her experience with her followers, encouraging them to #EspressoYourself too.

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