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Chicago-based digital artist Elise Swopes celebrates an electrifying weekend filled with art, music, and good vibes. Thanks to @effenvodka, the night was memorable, and a special shoutout goes to @leftyoutthere for the impressive cup design. As the city buzzes with the energy of Lollapalooza, Swopes invites her followers to join the fun.

As an artist, Swopes often finds herself juggling various creative projects. This weekend presented a unique challenge as she balanced her artistic endeavors with the high-energy atmosphere of Lollapalooza, one of Chicago's most anticipated music events.


Swopes aimed to fully immerse herself in the vibrant music scene that Lollapalooza brings to Chicago every year. Her goal was to not only enjoy the festival herself but also to share this experience with her followers, encouraging them to join in the fun.


Elise Swopes successfully navigated the bustling weekend, balancing her artistic commitments with her enjoyment of Lollapalooza. Her collaboration with @effenvodka and @leftyoutthere brought an additional layer of creativity to the weekend, resulting in a memorable experience that she could share with her followers.

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