Enjoy Illinois and Pandora

Elise Swopes, a renowned digital artist, influencer, and proud Chicagoan, is excited to partner with @enjoyillinois for a special music tour of the Windy City. In the lead-up to @Pandora's The Stack, she will be sharing some of Chicago's most iconic music spots on her Instagram Story.
Enjoy Illionis

As a digital artist and influencer, Swopes wanted to bring the vibrant music scene of her beloved city to life for her followers. The challenge was to capture the essence of Chicago's iconic music spots, translating their energy and history into engaging digital content.


Swopes aimed to create an engaging digital tour of Chicago's iconic music spots, showcasing the city's rich musical heritage. She hoped to create content that not only entertained but also educated her followers about Chicago's cultural significance in the music world.


Story Highlight

Through her partnership with @enjoyillinois and @Pandora, Elise Swopes successfully brought Chicago's music scene to life for her followers. Her digital tour of the city's iconic music spots captured their unique energy and history, resulting in engaging content that both entertained and informed. This initiative not only highlighted the vibrancy of Chicago's music scene but also underscored its cultural significance.

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