Glass Is Life

Glass is more than just a material; it's an inspiration to save, re-use, collect, and display. For Elise Swopes, glass represents beauty, memorability, and iconicity - that's why she chooses glass. During her week-long adventure at #SXSW, Swopes partnered with @glassislife to spread awareness about the importance of this incredible material.

Swopes Takes on a Challenge to Promote @GlassIsLife and #ChooseGlass at #SXSW!


Swopes Empowers Others to #ChooseGlass and Promote Sustainability and Health at #SXSW.

Throughout her time at #SXSW, Swopes aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of using glass in daily life. From promoting environmental sustainability to advocating for personal health, Swopes aimed to highlight the positive impact of glass. Join Swopes as she shares her journey, experiences, and insights into the world of glass.


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