Moet Nectar Rose

Join Elise Swopes as she spreads the holiday cheer with the luxurious @MoetNectarRose. From Christmas celebrations to ringing in the New Year, Swopes showcases the power of indulgence and celebration in bringing people together.

Swopes Brings People Together in the #takeamoetmoment Challenge this Holiday Season!


Swopes Aims to Celebrate the Power of Connection and Joy this Holiday Season through #takeamoetmoment!

Throughout her journey with @MoetNectarRose, Elise Swopes aimed to celebrate the power of connection and joy this holiday season. From toasting to life's simple pleasures to ringing in the New Year with a bang, Swopes highlights the importance of indulgence and celebration in bringing people together. By partnering with @MoetNectarRose, Swopes sought to promote the idea of cherishing special moments and creating memories with those we love. Join Swopes on her #takeamoetmoment adventure and embrace the beauty of human connection, celebration, and joy. Let's celebrate life's pleasures and give back to the community through meaningful experiences.


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