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Inspired by the artistic genius of Pablo Picasso, Elise Swopes embarked on a creative quest to frame Chicago's beauty through her unique lens. She initiated the #FramingGenius challenge, inviting people worldwide to share their own city's charm and creativity, echoing Picasso's transformative influence on art.
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Capturing the Spirit of Picasso in Modern Cityscapes

Swopes faced the daunting task of encapsulating the essence of Picasso's influence in her work. Translating his artistic vision into modern cityscapes and encouraging others to do the same was a challenge that required creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of Picasso's legacy.


Inviting Global Creativity Through the #FramingGenius Challenge

Swopes aimed to inspire others to explore their artistic vision and appreciate their surroundings' beauty. By initiating the #FramingGenius challenge, she hoped to create a global platform where individuals could share their unique perspectives and be celebrated for their creativity.


A Global Celebration of Beauty and Creativity

The #FramingGenius challenge has been a resounding success. Participants from around the world have shared their unique cityscapes, echoing the spirit of Picasso in their work. The challenge has not only amplified the beauty of cities worldwide but also encouraged individuals to explore and express their artistic visions. To further understand Picasso's legacy and artistic journey, watch the Emmy nominated series, Genius.

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