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Welcome to the remarkable journey of Swopes, a trailblazing woman who has made her indelible mark in the City 2 City campaign with New Balance. With the power of her unique vision and talent, she is redefining the creative landscape.

Breaking Barriers: A Woman's Journey in the City 2 City Campaign

Swopes faced the daunting task of standing out as the lone female participant in the City 2 City campaign with New Balance. But her unique vision, captured beautifully by Kevin Ringli (@kevlevitate), helped her rise above the challenge, carving a distinct path for herself in a male-dominated arena.


Empowering Women: Celebrating International Women's Day with Swopes

With the support of her friend David Hubacher (@davidhubacher) and the recognition of her favorite Hypebeast team, Swopes set out to use her platform to celebrate International Women's Day. Her goal was clear: to empower women in the industry, highlighting the strength of inclusivity and the power of diversity.


Success in Sight: The Impact of Swopes in the #lifein247 Movement

Swopes’ journey has been an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and creativity. By commemorating International Women's Day through her work, she has made a significant impact on the #lifein247 movement and empowered many women in the industry. Her success is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who dare to defy expectations and make their own mark.

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