NFT NYC 2022

Elise Swopes recently had the privilege of attending NFT NYC, where she was recognized as one of the talented creators amongst the NFT 100. She recounts her involvement in engaging panels, extraordinary events, and the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals from the industry. Swopes also takes a moment to express her love and gratitude for @ilovesunriseart and her wonderful friends.
July 2022

Standing Out Amongst the Talented NFT 100

The challenge for Swopes was to not only stand out amongst the talented NFT 100 but also to actively participate in engaging panels, attend extraordinary events, and network with a multitude of faces in the industry. This required her to balance her time, showcase her knowledge, and engage effectively with others.


To Make a Mark in the NFT Space and Foster Connections

Swopes' objective was clear: to leave a mark in the NFT space as a recognized creator and to foster meaningful connections with other industry professionals. She aimed to contribute valuable insights during panels, immerse herself in the events, and form lasting relationships with those she met.


Triumph in the NFT Space: Swopes Recognized as a Talented Creator

Swopes successfully stood out amongst the talented NFT 100, contributed to engaging panels, and networked effectively at various events. Her experience at NFT NYC stands as a testament to her talent and ability to connect with others in the industry. Moreover, her expression of love and gratitude for @ilovesunriseart and her fabulous friends underscores the importance of relationships in her journey.

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