Elise Swopes takes you on an invigorating journey through a solo content creation project she executed for Noxzema. Imagine being in a New York hotel, where she aimed to encapsulate a tranquil, spa-like ambiance that mirrors the brand's essence. From conceptualizing to shooting, editing, and even modeling, every aspect was managed by her, culminating in a series of captivating visuals delivered to Noxzema.
January 2023

Imagine facing a multi-faceted challenge: embodying the soothing essence of Noxzema within a bustling city hotel, while also executing all aspects of content creation single-handedly - from shooting to editing and modeling. This project was a testament to Swopes' creativity, versatility, and resilience.


Swopes had a clear objective: to produce high-quality, engaging content that encapsulates the relaxing, rejuvenating vibe of a spa experience intertwined with Noxzema’s skincare line. She aimed to transport viewers to a serene haven reflecting the luxurious feel of using Noxzema's products, all while managing every step of the process independently.


Imagine successfully transforming a city hotel room into a tranquil oasis, capturing the essence of Noxzema's brand in a spa-like setting. The content, entirely self-produced, resonated deeply with the audience, effectively communicating the calming, rejuvenating feel of Noxzema's products. This project stands as a testament to Swopes' creative resilience, proving that it's possible to wear multiple hats and still deliver high-quality content.

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