Elise Swopes recently had the honor of being featured by Rolling Stone for her NFT collaboration with Coinbase. With a touch of humor, she acknowledged the significance of this achievement and expressed her excitement about her artwork being displayed prominently in Rolling Stone's logo. Swopes used this opportunity to share her gratitude and inspire others to persevere, reminding them that blessings are always around the corner.
May 2022

Breaking into the World of NFTs and Gaining Prominent Recognition

Swopes faced the challenge of entering the intricate world of NFTs, collaborating with a major platform like Coinbase, and creating artwork that would not only resonate with the audience but also gain recognition from a renowned publication like Rolling Stone. This required creativity, technical understanding, and persistence.


To Create Impactful Artwork and Inspire Others Through Her Journey

Swopes' objective was clear: to create meaningful, engaging artwork for her NFT collaboration with Coinbase and to gain recognition for her work. More than that, she aimed to inspire others through her journey, encouraging perseverance and reminding them that success is often just around the corner.


Swopes' Artwork Gains Prominent Recognition

Swopes successfully created artwork that was not only impactful but also gained prominent recognition, being featured by Rolling Stone and Tara Aquino. Her artwork was even showcased in Rolling Stone's logo, a significant achievement. This experience stands as a testament to Swopes' creativity and resilience, proving that perseverance can lead to unexpected blessings.

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