Sunrise Art Club

Sunrise Art Club, founded by Elise Swopes, is a creative impact agency that beautifully marries art with technology. Starting with capturing the serene beauty of Chicago at dawn using her mobile phone, Elise transformed ordinary scenes into stunning images that soon became sought-after pieces. Inspired by the potential of her work and the burgeoning digital art market, she launched Sunrise Art Club to collaborate with creators and brands for storytelling in the rapidly evolving Web3 Market.
Sunrise Art Club

Breaking Barriers with Blockchain Technology

The challenge was to leverage the transformative potential of blockchain technology, venturing into selling photos as NFTs. This innovative form of funding would allow Elise to monetize her work and provide a platform for supporting marginalized creators. However, navigating this new terrain and ensuring accessibility and security for all creatives posed significant challenges.


Creating Inclusive Opportunities in the Web3 Market

The goal of Sunrise Art Club was to offer accessible and secure ways for creatives to thrive without traditional gatekeepers. By selling photos as NFTs, Elise aimed to support marginalized creators and shape a new trend in digital currency. The overall objective was to stand at the forefront of the Web3 market, driving transformation with every project.


Driving Transformation in the Digital Art World

Today, Sunrise Art Club stands at the forefront of the Web3 market, pushing boundaries and driving transformation with every project. Elise’s first Nifty Gateway collection, featuring six images starring her iconic giraffe, sold out within minutes, demonstrating her ability to connect with an audience of millions by melding art with a message. Her innovative approach to funding marginalized creators by selling her photos as NFTs has shaped a new trend in digital currency, offering accessible and secure ways for these creatives to monetize their work without traditional gatekeepers. With a valuation of over $300,000 on SuperRare, Elise continues to inspire the world of digital art with her innovative collaborations and unique creations.

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