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Elise Swopes recently had an enriching experience at the @createcultivate and @mastercard pop-up event during SXSW. She got the opportunity to take the stage and engage in a discussion about blockchain and NFTs with a predominantly female audience. Her focus was on simplifying these complex concepts for those who were new to the exciting world of digital art.
March 2022

Simplifying Blockchain and NFTs for a New Audience

The challenge Swopes faced was two-fold: not only did she have to present intricate topics like blockchain and NFTs, but she also had to do so in a way that made sense to a predominantly female audience who were relatively new to the world of digital art. This required a balance of technical depth and simplicity to ensure understanding while still maintaining interest.


To Demystify Digital Art Concepts for Beginners

Swopes' objective was clear: to make blockchain and NFTs understandable for beginners. She aimed to break down these complex digital art concepts into digestible information, making them accessible and appealing to her audience. Her goal was to inspire curiosity and foster understanding of these revolutionary technologies.


Swopes Successfully Simplifies Complex Concepts

Despite the complexity of the topics, Swopes successfully simplified blockchain and NFTs for her audience. Her presentation resonated deeply with attendees, effectively broadening their understanding of the digital art world. This experience stands as a testament to Swopes' ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging way, proving that even the most intricate of concepts can be made accessible to all.

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