In a compelling TED Talk titled "Child of the Internet," Elise Swopes, an accomplished digital artist and influencer, shares her unique journey of self-discovery and success in the digital realm. From her initial explorations on the internet to becoming a respected figure in the world of digital art, Swopes' story is a testament to the transformative power of the internet.
September 2017

The challenge for Swopes was navigating the vast and often complex world of the internet. As a self-taught digital artist, she had to learn various tools and platforms, understand the nuances of digital art, and find her unique voice in the crowded online space


Swopes' goal was to harness the power of the internet to express her creativity and build a successful career in digital art. She aimed to leverage online platforms not just as tools for creating art, but also as spaces for sharing her work and connecting with a global audience


Swopes successfully navigated the digital realm, earning recognition as a leading figure in the world of digital art Her TED Talk, "Child of the Internet," showcases her remarkable journey, demonstrating the potential of the internet as a platform for creative expression and professional success

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