Windy City Chicago

Elise Swopes, a trailblazing digital artist, recently made her first TV appearance on @windycitylive on @abc7chicago. Filled with excitement and gratitude, Swopes spoke about her art, her inspirations, and the journey that has led her to where she is today. She extends a heartfelt thank you to her supporters whose unwavering love and support have contributed significantly to her success.

Swopes was faced with the challenge of making her first TV appearance on @windycitylive. As an artist who usually communicates through visual mediums, translating her story and inspirations into spoken words for a live audience was a new and exciting challenge.


Swopes aimed to use her first TV appearance as a platform to inspire viewers by sharing her artistic journey, her passion for digital art, and the inspirations behind her unique creations. She also sought to express her gratitude to her supporters and the role they've played in her success.


Elise Swopes excelled on @windycitylive. She successfully conveyed her passion for art, shared her inspirations, and expressed her gratitude towards her supporters. The appearance allowed her to connect with a broader audience and further solidified her position as a leading figure in the world of digital art.

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